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Sarah D Rees CBT Therapist About CBT

Mindfulness Tips from a CBT Therapist

By Sarah Rees

What Is Mindfulness? Over the last few years, mindfulness has become more and more popular. Everyone from Oprah Winfrey to Russell Brand is doing it! Celebrity endorsements aside, mindfulness is often called a ‘third wave therapy’. This means it’s an emerging therapy with a fantastic evidence base grounded in research, a lot like Cognitive Behavioural … Read More about Mindfulness Tips from a CBT Therapist

worry workshop

Are you a worrier? 

By Sarah Rees

I have a question for you, are you a worrier?  After the couple of years we’ve had in this pandemic are we all worrying a bit more but there’s a difference between normal worry and worrying to a point it’s impacting your mental health, your life and your relationships.  Worries, doubts and anxieties are a … Read More about Are you a worrier? 

Anxious lady

What Happens When We’re Anxious?

By Sarah Rees

What Happens When We’re Anxious? Our ability to think, reflect and use our imagination separates us from most other species on the planet. Thinking is an amazing gift. It enables us to dream, plan and prepare, write books, and produce fabulous pieces of art. But if you’ve ever experienced anxiety, you’ll know our minds can … Read More about What Happens When We’re Anxious?

How to Get the Most Out Of CBT

By Sarah Rees

Deciding to undertake Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), or any form of talking therapy, is a big commitment, both personally and financially. You’re investing in yourself, so you’re going to want to get it right. Here are some tips and ideas to ensure you get the most out of CBT… Find the Right Therapist Choosing the … Read More about How to Get the Most Out Of CBT

How to Calm an Anxious Mind

By Sarah Rees

An anxious mind is poor in concentration and focused on what could go wrong. It is full of ‘what ifs’, uncertainty and catastrophes. Feeling anxious distorts how we think. We become much more threat-focused, finding problems, not solutions. Our thinking is also narrowed with a bias to finding further information to fuel our stress and … Read More about How to Calm an Anxious Mind