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CBT Journal How to Make Journaling a Habit

How to Create a Journaling Habit

By Sarah Rees

Along with the many benefits of journaling, I’ve previously shared my personal experience of using writing and reflecting to change my behaviour while recovering from an under-active thyroid. Although you know this simple self-care practice could make a huge difference to your mental health, you’re probably wondering how to create a journaling habit. Here are … Read More about How to Create a Journaling Habit

Is it time to start a Journal?

By Sarah Rees

Time to start Journaling? Life is happening every second and it’s fast. We are so busy and overwhelmed we don’t take the time to stop and notice what’s happening at each moment. We don’t get to see the step-by-step progress that we’re making in our lives or learn the patterns of our minds. Then all … Read More about Is it time to start a Journal?

The benefits of journaling

By Sarah Rees

The benefits of journaling Journaling. Everybody’s talking about it. A lot of people are doing it. But you aren’t even entirely sure what it is; surely not just writing ‘things’ down? How on earth could that be of benefit to you and why on earth should you set aside the time to do it when … Read More about The benefits of journaling