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Mental health

Depression, therapy and me

By Sarah Rees

Guest Blog is written by Chris Winson Author and creator of the Blog   If you are reading this then you are probably considering starting therapy or looking for more information about therapy. Perhaps I can help, by sharing how therapy helped me with my depression. Sarah was not my therapist but is someone … Read More about Depression, therapy and me

Depression, CBT & Ten steps to recovery

By Sarah Rees

If you’re currently battling depression, then it very likely feels like there’s no way out. Suggestions from well-meaning friends and family about how to ‘snap out of it’ or comments about you needing to ‘realise just how lucky you are’ are not only way off the mark, but will often push you deeper into feelings … Read More about Depression, CBT & Ten steps to recovery


GDPR Therapists Questions Answered

By Sarah Rees

GDPR is a very positive step for how all our personal data is held, we will have the right for our data to be deleted and there will be insurances around how information about us is taken, stored and disposed of. The whole system around how data is kept will become a much more transparent … Read More about GDPR Therapists Questions Answered

Self Compassion at the heart of well being

By Sarah Rees

WHY WE ALL NEED TO SHOW A BIT MORE SELF COMPASSION Do you love yourself? And, even if you do, are you a little bit nervous about admitting it for fear of seeming conceited or overtly vain?   More specifically, are you self-compassionate? Do you even know what self-compassion actually is?   I often ask … Read More about Self Compassion at the heart of well being

Local training for grief or a loss – THE GRIEF RECOVERY METHOD

By Sarah Rees

THE GRIEF RECOVERY METHOD Through the power of social media I have had the pleasure in connecting with local mum Nicky Clifford. We recently met up for a chat after she reached out to connect with me, she thought I would be interested in the work she is doing and she was right. Nicky has … Read More about Local training for grief or a loss – THE GRIEF RECOVERY METHOD