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Episode 17 with Dr Hayley D Quinn

By Sarah Rees

# Episode 17 |SHOW NOTES In this episode of ‘Ask The Therapist’, we talk about Hayley’s journey into the world of psychology and how she compassionately manages chronic health issues. Hayley provides practical and straight forward advice for living with a chronic illness or for those of us working through the general challenges of life. … Read More about Episode 17 with Dr Hayley D Quinn

Episode 16

By Sarah Rees

# Episode 16 | SHOW NOTES Tune in to find out all about what social anxiety is, what the signs and symptoms of social anxiety are and how therapy can help with social anxiety. Social anxiety is a very treatable condition and so it’s important that everybody is able to recognise when they need to … Read More about Episode 16

Episode 15 | Nicole Goode – Food is Medicine

By Sarah Rees

# Episode 15 | SHOW NOTES In this highly actionable, episode host Sarah Rees is joined by Nicole Goode, a professional nutritionist who works in functional medicine. Research on the link between the brain and the gut is continually moving forward and shows that the foods we eat play an important role in our brain … Read More about Episode 15 | Nicole Goode – Food is Medicine

Episode 14

By Sarah Rees

# Episode 14|SHOW NOTES I am very privileged to be able to share this episode in which I am joined by one of my clients who wanted to share his story. Peter has been on a journey of self-discovery and development and has been rewarded with the benefits of his efforts. From this experience, he … Read More about Episode 14

Episode 13

By Sarah Rees

# Episode 13|SHOW NOTES In today’s episode, I’m talking with Whitney who is a psychological well-being practitioner in an NHS IAPT service, Whitney is passionate about breaking down divides and increasing knowledge around race and culture to improve equality in how mental health services are delivered across the board. You will get a real insight … Read More about Episode 13