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Episode 6

By Sarah Rees

# Episode 6 | SHOW NOTES In this episode, I talk with Dr Mary Welford who is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Trainer, Speaker and Author of a big yellow book ‘Compassion Focused Therapy For Dummies’ & ‘The Compassionate Mind Approach to Building Self Confidence’. Mary is one of the founding members of ‘The Compassionate Mind … Read More about Episode 6

Episode 5

By Sarah Rees

# Episode 5|SHOW NOTES I talk with Dr Hannah Taylor a Clinical Psychologist working in private practice and delivering wellbeing workshops. Hannah talks about her career path to date and the psychological therapies she delivers which are Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment. Hannah talks about some of the psychological tools … Read More about Episode 5

Episode 4

By Sarah Rees

# Episode 4|SHOW NOTES SHOW NOTES In this episode, I talk to Dan Udale about his journey through mental health struggles, PTSD, his experience with therapy, and how he’s now training to be a therapist. Know Yourself Podcast Know Yourself – Episode 78 – An interview with Sarah Rees The CBT Journal Dan’s Instagram @dudale92 … Read More about Episode 4

Episode 3 – Guest Interview with Tobyn Bell

By Sarah Rees

# Episode 3|SHOW NOTES In this episode, I talk to Tobyn Bell, a practitioner of compassion-focused therapy (CFT) and Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) based in Manchester. He is a CFT trainer for the Compassionate Mind Foundation and a CBT trainer, supervisor, and program lead at the Greater Manchester CBT Training Centre, which is associated with Manchester … Read More about Episode 3 – Guest Interview with Tobyn Bell

Episode 2

By Sarah Rees

# Episode 2|SHOW NOTES In this episode I talk with Franky about her experience of chronic fatigue syndrome the impact on her mental health and how she found her experience of group Cognitive behavioural therapy. She talks honestly and openly about her journey, the struggles and her road to wellbeing and recovery. Franky’s website and Instagram My website … Read More about Episode 2