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Business Planning in Private Practice

By Sophie Wood

There are so many areas that are discussed in the Facebook group ‘CBT In Private Practice‘ but one of the most important documents you should have when setting up in the world of private practice is…Drum roll, please ……… A  Business Plan! Where do you start when you want to build your own business plan? … Read More about Business Planning in Private Practice

Blog for Therapist – Referral Sources in Private Practice

By Sarah Rees

The number one question we hear in the Facebook group “CBT in Private Practice CBT In Private Practice is were do therapist get their referrals from? Previously we talked about investing time in creating a business plan, this foundation of work will provide a solid base for you referral stream, you will know who the … Read More about Blog for Therapist – Referral Sources in Private Practice

Self-Care for Therapists

By Sarah Rees

People who care for others with all the strength, wisdom, courage and compassion that takes can sometimes struggle to prioritise their own needs and direct compassion towards themselves. Our mind is the tool we use for the work we do, so it’s vital we get the balance right. In other words, self-care for therapists is … Read More about Self-Care for Therapists


GDPR Therapists Questions Answered

By Sarah Rees

GDPR is a very positive step for how all our personal data is held, we will have the right for our data to be deleted and there will be insurances around how information about us is taken, stored and disposed of. The whole system around how data is kept will become a much more transparent … Read More about GDPR Therapists Questions Answered