Episode 37 | How to be a CBT Therapist

How to be a CBT Therapist


In this episode, I’m talking to Dr Helen Moya on ‘How to be a CBT Therapist’, Helen is a highly skilled and experienced accredited CBT therapist and Chartered Psychologist. Alongside her extensive CBT clinical experience, Helen has worked in academia as a lecturer and now provides CBT Careers advice as part of her private practice while still working in the NHS.

Education, Careers and continuing professional development are just some of her areas of special interest and therefore is expertly placed to advise on how to start your career as a CBT therapist.

With the increasing media attention that mental health is receiving, many people have become more interested in becoming Cognitive Behavioural Therapists to deliver effective evidence-based CBT. Find out what you need to consider and the steps to take if you would like to be a CBT therapist,

At around 16:24 Helen lists the pathways towards being a CBT practitioner, at 21:30 the educational requirements for training, and at 31:16 advice on choosing a training program.

Find more about Helen  – http://www.moyacbt.co.uk/
Helen’s Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/moyacbt
Helen mentioned her favourite book – Paulo Coelho, Veronica Decides to Die
The lead organisation for CBT professionals – https://babcp.com/
Helen’s Facebook Group – CBT Careers



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