Episode 39 | Perfectionism with Natalie Englander

Natalie Englander



In this episode, I talk to Natalie Englander about perfectionism, we talk about how it presents the impact it can have on peoples lives and the psychological treatment. Natalie is a CBT therapist who works in private practice and the NHS. Although perfectionism is often seen as a positive trait, it can be a feature of anxiety and low mood, and Natalie specialises in treating people who struggle with it.


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At around 10:42 Natalie defines perfectionism as a clinical term, she suggests when you should reach out for help at around 21 minutes, and she leads a mindfulness exercise from around 33:30 to 38:30.

Contact Natalie at www.natalieenglander.com or on Instagram @the.perfectionism.therapist

Finder her mindfulness course – www.natalieenglander.com/mindfulness-course

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