Episode 44 | Understanding and Managing Panic Attacks


Episode 44 of Ask the Therapist

In this episode, Sarah looks at what panic attacks are and how to manage them. It may be triggering if you have an anxiety disorder or a history of panic attacks, and find discussions of the subject anxiety-inducing.

Sarah explains the difference between panic and anxiety at 4:47, at around 8 minutes Sarah explores the most common reasons for panic attacks, and at 14:30 she explains how CBT can help.

Anxiety is a normal reaction to catastrophic thinking or dangerous situations, the more you resist the experience of panic, the worse the panic attacks will become

Unfortunately, our brains learn danger a lot quicker than it learns safety because we are built for survival

The key thing is to really try and allow the feelings and write them out. Remembering that panic is like a wave it rises and then reduces.

Sarah also introduces you to her new favourite podcast, Call the Psychiatrists – a sister show to Ask the Therapist from the USA. You can listen to Call the Psychiatrists wherever you get your podcasts.


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