Episode 46| Building Resilience Martina Witter interviews Sarah

Episode Notes

In this episode, Sarah is interviewed by Martina Witter, from the Rivers to Resilience podcast.

They talk about what resilience means to Sarah, how CBT and compassion changed her life, and what Sarah would tell her teenage self.

Hear how Sarah dealt with losing her father around the age of 14, at 6 minutes, at around 12 minutes how Sarah refocused her life at 40 and created the CBT Journal, and at 32 minutes, the revelations that looking back through her own journal has given her.

Find out more about Martina at https://raphatherapyservices.com/
Listen to her podcast at https://raphatherapyservices.com/podcast/

Books referenced –
Sarah’s chapter in Digital Delivery of Mental Health Therapies: A guide to the benefits and challenges, and making it work
Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams, by Matthew Walker
Shorter: How Working Less Will Revolutionise the Way Your Company Gets Things Done, by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

A full automated transcript of this episode is available at https://ask-the-therapist.simplecast.com/episodes/martina-witter-interviews-sarah

Thank you for listening to ask a therapist. For more information about the CBT journal, visit my website at sarahdrees.co.uk

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