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Getting The Most Out Of CBT

Reflecting On CBT Sessions

So much can happen in an hours therapy session often it can be difficult to fully process what you’ve discussed and what that means for you.

Reflecting on sessions is an ideal way to ensure you get the most out of your therapy. I encourage all my clients to spend some time following each session reflecting. Ideally, this should be in a quiet space when you feel relaxed and within a day of the session so the information is fresh.

I encourage journaling because it’s one of the best self-help tools for creating more awareness of our minds and for consolidating learning and changes you can read more about having a therapy journal in this blog What is a therapy journal

Cognitive behavioural therapy is about understanding the patterns we find ourselves in that can be unhelpful and about helping us move towards more helpful patterns, which will enhance our quality of life. Time spent reflecting and journaling will enhance your awareness of these patterns; it can help you become more objective of your experience and act as an additional guide enhancing your therapeutic experience.

Ultimately CBT encourages you to become your own therapist providing you with the skills you need to make changes and move forward, being able to ask yourself reflective questions at times of difficulty is an excellent way of helping us move out of being tangled in our emotions and re-engage our logical minds which sometimes decides to take a back seat when difficulty strikes. Reflection, slowing down our thinking and taking stock is a great exercise in helping us take back control when things get out of control.

Here is a reflection sheet I’ve put together for my clients who are having sessions but feel free to add your own questions and personalise it to your own taste. If you have not started therapy yet but think it could be for you, a great place to start is with The CBT Journal


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Sarah Rees

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