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Guest interview on ‘The Personal Development Podcast’

Success leaves clues…
I was really honoured to be a guest on The Personal Development Podcast we talk about low mood, depression and seasonal affective disorder. in the episode, we also explore how depression can impact us and I share practical advice and strategies for improving our mood.
One of the tools I mention is available to download for free – here is the link to ‘The Mood Builder’ Download Your Mood Builder Here
I’m interviewed by Kathy Brook host of the podcast and a personal development coach she says about her podcast

“In the Personal Development Podcast, we uncover the tools, techniques and traits practised by successful individuals from a whole host of industries!

From mindset and health to business and coaching techniques, prepare to be inspired and educated … and find the clues of success to implement into your life!

Hosted by Personal Development Coach, Kathy Brooke”

You can download and listen to the full episode here

Episode 2: Sarah D Rees – Depression In High Performers and Seasonal Affective Disorder

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