How to Write an Engaging About Page for Your Private Practice

Although my about page has always been the most visited page on my website, I neglected it for a long time. Writing about ourselves, our achievements and qualifications can be hard, but it’s not something you can skip or avoid. People seeking therapy are looking for someone they can trust and connect with. Your about page plays a key role in building this connection and winning their trust.

I’ve been working with copywriter Franky Shanahan for a few years now, so I was able to enlist her help. My new about page feels more aligned with my brand and the way I work. If you’re thinking about writing your own copy, Franky has compiled some tips and advice below…

Think Like a Storyteller

It’s easy to say who you are, what you do and where you’re based, but a list of basic facts is rarely the best way to pique someone’s interest. Instead, use your about page to tell a story. Provide some context, share the journey that got you where you are today and the things that inspired your business.

Stories allow us to experience information rather than simply consuming it. They’re great for attracting an audience, engaging them and holding their attention. Keep the story simple and relatable. You don’t need plot twists or character arcs – you need a story that will resonate.

It’s Not Really About You

While telling your story, remember you’re trying to communicate how and why you’re working to improve the lives of your ideal clients. Although you’re writing about yourself, it’s important to keep them in mind at all times. Think about why they’re visiting your about page and what they’re looking for. They want to learn more about you and the therapy you provide, but they’re also looking for something to connect with. Shared interests, values and experiences can be powerful.

People Buy People

You need to show people you’re a real person with a genuine interest in offering help and expertise. Don’t be afraid to share who you are outside of business hours. Including your hobbies, interests and favourite things can help people feel like they’re seeing the real you.

Make Sure Your Message is Clear

Explain things simply and avoid big fancy words. Precise language convinces, flowery words distract. Read and revise what you’ve written and remember to check your spelling and grammar. First drafts are meant to be ugly, so let the magic happen when you edit!

Always Provide a Next a Step

You don’t want your about page to be a dead end. Give readers a next step or a clear call to action such as ‘Contact Me’ or ‘Get in Touch’.

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