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Local training for grief or a loss – THE GRIEF RECOVERY METHOD


Through the power of social media I have had the pleasure in connecting with local mum Nicky Clifford. We recently met up for a chat after she reached out to connect with me, she thought I would be interested in the work she is doing and she was right. Nicky has a very inspirational story, which has touched many people who have experienced a loss. We all  have losses in our lives and over time the compounding nature of loss can take it’s toll. Some of us access therapy but that’s not right for everyone. Sometimes we need to understand and learn more about what we are experiencing so we can make sense of it.

If you are experiencing grief through the loss of a loved one or a relationship a  marriage or even a pet and you think therapy would be to difficult maybe you could consider ‘The Grief recovery Method’.


Nicky has put together a guest blog post below

The grief recovery Method – By  Nicky Clifford


“I have learned above all else,  you cannot control what happens to you but you can manage your response to it.” Nicky Clifford

I realised that there was a need for more information and education about grief when my son Flynn died. Flynn had been a pupil at Wilmslow High School and Monday September 16th 2013 had started like any other with the school run. A head on collision on the Alderley Edge bypass meant that we never made it to school that day.  I spent the next few months in a complete nightmare, the case had to go to crown court and amazingly the BBC followed my story in the BAFTA nominated documentary series called ‘The Prosecutors’.  The film highlights the pressures faced by families who find themselves being called as a witness by the Crown Prosecution Service and the devastation that happens when tragedy occurs. It was first broadcast on BBC4 in February 2016 and is now accessed globally as a resource for The Open University.  Far from being a story about ‘the process’ of attending court the finished film is an inspirational insight of an ordinary person in extraordinary circumstances and a film I am very proud of.

Ever searching for the positive and having a real determination to help people I came to the realisation that not only did I myself feel completely ill prepared to cope with the conflicting thoughts and feelings I had surrounding the death of my son but my bereavement had also brought up feelings about other losses as well and as grief hung her heavy cloak around my shoulders,  I began desperately looking for help and guidance. Thankfully, I discovered a little purple handbook called, The Grief Recovery Method by John W James and Russell Friedman everything in this book made complete sense to me and turned everything I thought I knew about grief upside down. Within days I determined to become a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist. Carole Henderson, director at Grief Recovery (UK), informed me that a training programme was running locally and I am now so proud to call myself a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist.

I undertook a series of small but “correct actions” that helped me discover and complete what was painful for me. I learned that grief is a range of conflicting feelings that happen when any change in a familiar pattern of behaviour ends and furthermore grief is not just about bereavement!

When a grief event occurs people react in very different ways, some people begin an immediate review of the relationship and recount every detail of events, seemingly over and over again, their perspective swaying from side to side. A positive approach can be decided only to be followed immediately by a crash of energy and in an instant, they plunge into a sea of negativity. Other people may consider in silent contemplation what has transpired and it may not be apparent that `the grieving process` has begun but amazingly all these reactions are natural and normal.  

Here is a list of the six myths or the things you should avoid saying in a sharing scenario:

  1. Don`t feel bad
  2. Replace the loss (e.g., get a new dog)
  3. Grieve alone
  4. Be strong
  5. Keep busy
  6. Time heals all wounds

Under the expert guidance and support of Carole and John W James I now deliver The Grief Recovery Method and Helping Children Deal With Loss courses in our local community of Wilmslow. The Grief Recovery Method can be completed either in a group or on a one-one basis and Helping Children Deal With Loss is a perfect course for anyone who would like to support children in their professional or home setting. 


Price LIst

Speakers Fee £250 for half a day plus travel expenses

The Grief Recovery Method  8- week group course £160

The Grief Recovery Method 7-week 1-1 course £210

Helping Children Deal With Loss 6-week course please call for your quotation


For more information and useful links

Telephone – 07785964944

E-mail –

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