The Business Plan Coaching Programme



The Business Plan Coaching Program is launching again on the 1st September book your place today. You will be walked through five weeks of business planning, using a bespoke business plan designed specifically for therapists who want to start or accelerate their private therapy practice.

Using the format of CBT the business plan coaching program will help you  –  assess, formulate, plan, and accelerate your business. Each week, along with the training webinars you will be able to attend a live Q&A and you be invited to be part of a private Facebook group. You will receive four-module workbooks to complete and this will become your completed business plan document.

The training will be with a small group of people because we want it to be really valuable and provide lots of individualised support. We also hope that you get to know each other well so that you can be each other’s cheerleaders and support, well after the program is over. Book your place today

The first session will be held on Tuesday 1st September at 11 am. Book your place today.

Pay via PayPal; you can pay with your credit card if you don't have a PayPal account.

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