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Supercharge your Sleep Workshop – September 2019


Event Information, Sat Septemeber 14th 2019

Supercharge Your Sleep

Supercharge your Sleep Workshop

Are you constantly feeling tired? Never wake-up feeling refreshed? It’s time to super-charge your sleep!

Is poor sleep affecting every aspect of your life?

Are you worried that you’ll never have a good night’s sleep again?

Sleeplessness is a human epidemic; you are not on your own.

Supercharge Your Sleep, is a full day workshop where you’ll learn about how a good night’s sleep can make you more productive, cleverer, happier, healthier, slimmer and more attractive.

Supercharge your Sleep is run by Clinical Psychologist Dr Hannah Taylor and CBT Therapist Sarah Rees, both who have extensive knowledge and experience of a wide range of the most valuable psychological tools available. Improving your sleep is one of the most fundamentally important and helpful things you can do for your physical and psychological wellbeing- A great nights’ sleep improves every aspect of your life.

• At this sleep event, you’ll learn about why sleep is so important and the factors which can impact on your sleep.

• You’ll also learn about the science behind what can exacerbate sleep problems and what can minimise them.

• You’ll gain an understanding of how your thoughts, feelings and behaviours are all interconnected and how to reverse unhelpful cycles you might find yourself in.

• You’ll leave with an understanding of your own sleep issues and an individualised plan of strategies for a better night’s sleep.

Early booking is advised – Heres the link Supercharge your Sleep Workshop Look forward to seeing you there we promise you’ll never think of bedtime in the same way again!

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