Understanding Diagnosis and Treatment with The ADHD Nurse

Episode Summary:

  • ADHD seems to be a prevalent topic lately, with more individuals discussing attention-related challenges and seeking a diagnosis.
  • In this episode, we delve into the subject with Vicki George, known as the ADHD Nurse, who specializes in ADHD within her private practice.
  • Vicki sheds light on her decision to focus on ADHD, the diagnosis process, and her approach to helping adults comprehend their cognitive functions.

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Key Points:

  • Introduction to Vicki George, the ADHD Nurse, and her specialization in ADHD within her private practice.
  • Discussion on the increasing prevalence of ADHD-related concerns and the diagnosis process.
  • Insights into Vicki’s methods for assisting adults in understanding their neurological functions.
  • Learn about the various types of ADHD around the 8:41 mark.
  • Explore available treatments starting at 27 minutes into the episode.

Resources Mentioned:

Closing Remarks:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of ADHD, diagnosis, and treatment options with insights from Vicki George, the ADHD Nurse.
  • For further information and resources, visit Vicki’s website or explore the recommended reading by Ned Hallowell.



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